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Mediheal x BTS Special Set

  • Mediheal
  • BTS Special Set
  • Sheet masks + photo cards

Mediheal x BTS gift sets with 10 high-quality Mediheal sheet masks and 14 adorable BTS photo cards.

Individual BTS sheet masks can be ordered separately here.

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Mediheal x BTS Special Set


Mediheal x BTS Special Care Set is a perfect gift for your friend or yourself.

Mediheal sets are made in collaboration with one of the world’s most popular pop groups BTS. All packages include 10 high-quality sheet masks and as a huge bonus, you will also get 14 beautiful BTS photo cards.


– Hydration Care Set  (N.M.F)

– Moisture Barrier Care Set (D:NA)

– Soothing Care Set (P.D.F)


Mediheal x BTS Special Set

With Mediheal x BTS Special Set, you will ensure that your skin is perfectly moisturized and balanced for the upcoming weeks.

There is a different set of sheet masks and a different set of photo cards in all packages. Read more information below and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Mediheal x BTS Tea DNA Proatin Hydrating Set photo cards

Every set includes 10 sheet masks and 14 different BTS photo cards.

From the dropdown menu you can choose and add to card the package which best suits your needs.


Inside the package:

Mediheal x BTS Moisturizing Care Set

Hydration Care Set contains 5 pcs of N.M.F Aquarin Ampoule mask sheets and 5 pcs of Tea Tree mask sheets. Including hyaluronic acid, allantoin and trehalose N.M.F Aquarin ampoule mask intensively moisturizes and softens the skin while Tea Tree mask helps to reduce redness, oiliness, and skin irritation.

As a bonus you will get 14 adorable BTS photo cards. There are different kinds of light-toned group photos in this set.


Mediheal x BTS Tea D:NA Proatin Hydrating Set

Moisture Barrier Care Set contains 5 sheets of moisturizing D:NA Proatin Masks and 5 sheets of Tea Tree calming mask. DNA along with Sodium hyaluronate, Aquaxyl (Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol), and Sodium PCA supply moisture and nutrition to tried skin for revitalized, soft, and dewy-looking skin.

As a bonus you will also receive 14 BTS photo cards; two close-ups of each BTS member with a light-toned background and white clothing.


Mediheal x BTS Soothing Care Set

Soothing Care Set contains 5 sheets of skin-soothing and balancing P.D.F A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask and 5 sheets of calming and oil-controlling Tea Tree fabric masks. The main ingredients of the P.D.F mask are centella Asiatica, trehalose, and allantoin which soothe and repair the skin.

As a bonus you will get 14 adorable BTS photo cards. There are 14 darker-toned photos; two close-ups of each BTS member.



How to use:

Apply one sheet mask to clean and dry face after toner. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove the mask and massage the remaining extract gently into your skin. Let it be absorbed, do not rinse off.

If desired, follow with a moisturizer/sleeping pack and eye cream.


Use one mask as a daily skin treatment or maintain the condition of your skin by using one mask 1-3 times a week.



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Hydration Care Set, Moisture Barrier Set, Soothing Care Set