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Holy Sheet! – mask set

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  • Mask set
  •  5 masks for face & body
  • Worth 16,05€

Holy Sheet! -mask set has two sheet masks, lip mask, and foot & hand masks.

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Holy Sheet! -mask set

5 masks for face & body


Holy Sheet! -set contains 5 masks for face and body. Holy Sheet! -mask set has two sheet masks, lip mask, and foot & hand masks.

Holy Sheet! -set is a great gift to give.

Set is worth 16,05€

A’pieu Chocolate Milk One Pack – kangasnaamio

Chocolate Milk One Pack contains nourishing milk extract, that leaves skin silky smooth. Sheet mask also contains skin brightening apricot extract.


Charcoal Solution Black Mask

Charcoal Solution Black Mask contains charcoal extract, that helps to keep skin clear and controls sebum. Black sheet mask cleanses and cools skin, while masks hydrating essence calms skin.


KOCOSTAR Lip Mask Black Cherry

Lip Mask Black Cherry is a hydrogel mask that hydrates dry, and chapped lips.

Black Cherry Lip Mask contains antioxidant rich blueberry extract.


KOCOSTAR Foot Moisture Pack

Foot Moisture Pack cares for dry feet. Foot mask is super easy to use. Just slip them on, and relax for 20 minutes.

Skin nourishing ingredients soften the hard skin on your feet.

Foot Moisture Pack -socks contain shea butter, argan oil, aloe, and cucumber extract.


Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet

These hand masks contain skin hydrating essence. Just put on the gloves that contain the essence, and wait. The skin on your hands is left soft, and smooth.

Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet contains plant oils to make skin moisturized and soft.



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